One Meeting Can Save You Time And Money

We’ve all been there. We’ve tried to build or fix something ourselves in an attempt to save money. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably come to regret not calling in a professional in the first place. You also may have tried to build something without first consulting the instructions. After getting part of the way through, you realized that you really did need those screws that seemed to be useless. What a horrible feeling that is!

The North Carolina probate process is very similar. You can do it yourself, in fact, most people try to do it without the professional help of an attorney. This can be because they want to save money, think they don’t need a probate attorney, or both.

I completely understand this line of thinking. I like to do things myself to save money, too. However, something you may not have considered about attorneys is that, not only are they professionals that can do the work for you, but they can also be your “instruction manual” on how to do it yourself.

I firmly believe that most people can handle a simple North Carolina probate themselves. Even so, I’ve seen situations time and time again where people ended up doing extra work when there was a much simpler way to proceed. Not only did these people end up spending more time working through probate, they also spent more money because they did not understand the options available to them.

This is where I believe an attorney can be most valuable. When you pay for an estate administration/probate consultation with me, you get valuable information such as what to file, how to cut costs, and how to save time. Nearly every time, clients do not need my assistance after this initial consultation (unless there is something really complicated that needs to be addressed). Instead, the client leaves feeling knowledgeable and empowered to administer the estate in the most efficient way possible.

In the end, one meeting with a probate attorney can save you time and money. Simply getting the knowledge and the right tools to administer an estate can make a difference of several extra months and several hundreds of extra dollars while trying to navigate the process by yourself.

If you need to administer someone’s estate, please reach out at so I can give you the tools you need to administer the estate confidently and efficiently.